Thursday, March 12, 2009

Aba Birheng Maria (Audiophile)

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This song was written in 1984 a year after the new translation of the Tagalog Missal first came out. Our Liturgy professor, Msgr. Moises Andrade, who was commissioned by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin to spearhead the translation, gave each of us a copy of the booklet format as a gift to the diaconate class of '83. I submitted the song, along with 50 others, to the ACLM - Manila for publication in Hosanna, Volume 3, but the new translation met with great opposition as it was still very controversial at the beginning. They accepted, however, 20 plus of my other works for publication on that years' Archdiocesan hymnal.

One more thing about this song, I got my inspiration to write this tune after so many years of humming Bishop Ite Jimenez'
OUR FATHER, that I was tempted to follow the same pattern/
progression although it's a different song altogether. I promise it wasn't no plagiarism but mere influence. A word of thanks also goes to TQ Solis, Jr. for helping with the original arrangement. (LoL)

So here's both the old and new after 25 years in the priesthood! - Fro


Musical setting by J. Roel Lungay

Arranged and performed by Romeo! Romeo!

Aba! Birheng Maria,
Napupuno ka ng grasya,
Ang Panginoong Diyos ay sumasaiyo,
Bukod kang pinagpala sa babaeng lahat
At pinagpala naman ang 'yong anak
Na si Hesus.

Santa Maria, Ina ng Diyos,
Ipanalangin mo kami
Ngayon at kung kami mamatay.

Santa Maria, Ina ng Diyos,
Ipanalangin mo kami
Ngayon at kung kami mamatay.

Copyright © 1984 J. Roel Lungay. International Copyright Secured.
All rights reserved

To view and listen to the original version, please click the link following:

Aba, Birheng Maria by Fro

Our Father by Bp. Ites Jimenez, D.D.

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